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Basic Concepts For Home Security

Ranger Self Defense blog is joined today by a guest blogger, Kristene Blackham to share with us a few basic concepts to remember as we analyze our personal security.


3 Oversights of Home Security To Avoid


In an ideal world, no one would have to worry about home security or safety. Unfortunately, burglaries, assaults and home accidents do happen and can happen to anyone. If this concerns you, it should. However, you can increase your safety and security by avoiding some common security lapses.

1. Giving Out Personal Details Online

Many people assume that details they post on a private social networking page will remain private. Alternatively, others assume that thieves are not paying attention to a stranger’s public posts and will not target them. These assumptions are unwise. Be very careful what you post online. Even on a private page, assume others can see what you post. Do not post your home phone number, your street address or your next dates of travel. Only your friends and family need to know these things – and they can find out over the phone, via email or in person. Do not supply would-be thieves with any information they could use to burglarize your home, steal your identity, or worse.

2. Leaving the House Unlocked

Maybe it is a front door, a back door, or a window that you have forgotten to lock — or maybe you have decided it is not that big of a deal to leave it unlocked for a while. This is a mistake. Unlocked doors or windows provide an open invitation for intruders.

Those who have an attached garage often assume that it is safe to leave the door from the garage to the house unlocked, as long as the garage door is closed. This is not true. If an intruder finds a way into your garage, he will be able to access your home and will be able to do so very discretely. Lock all doors and windows, even if you are stepping away for just a few minutes to walk the dog or to grab some milk from the grocery store.

3. Not Checking Your Home Security and Safety Equipment

Security systems and items must be maintained or they are of no use. At the beginning of each season, check batteries in your smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and your home security system. If you have fire extinguishers in the home, you should check them as well. Fire extinguishers sometimes must be recharged. Contact the manufacturer or your local firehouse to ask about fire extinguisher inspections – some will do it at no cost

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