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Psychopaths Are Shameless

This article at Hubpages provides insight into the nature of a psychopath.  The author discusses how a family member was a shallow loser and chronic liar.

A Psychopath in the Family: My Personal Experience

When most people think of the word psychopath they have an image in their head of a serial killer or a monster of some other sort. It’s true, most serial killers are psychopaths, but more interestingly most psychopaths are not serial killers. In fact many psychopaths have no criminal record at all. In the US as much as 1-2 in every 100 people might be a psychopath and many of them make it high into the business world. A recent study actually claims as many as one in twenty-five business leaders might be a psychopath.

Read more at Hubpages

The author evokes a lot of empathy from the reader.  This article may provide readers with some insight into psychopath psychology.

Insight into politicians and Wall street:

Wallstreet and banking threw us into a depression, was it because of sociopaths making their own interests and wealth of more concern than the economic health of the rest of the country? I think so. Also politicians can say whatever you want to hear but they too might only be operating for their own self-interests, especially if they’re already self-serving sociopaths and many voters are none the wiser, voting for them based on their glibness and charm and the way in which they can spin anything.

This was a decent article on the criminal mind.

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