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Personal Safety Ideas Against Thieves And Also Vandals

I run a modest coffee shop within the central business area of Seattle. Regretfully business has been a lot less than great these last few months. To make matters even worse the coffee shop experienced a significant loss because of a break-in that took place the other week. It happened soon after closing time. Thankfully I had cleared out the cash register for the week.

However losses due to the damage on store property during the invasion really hurt our business. I knew that I needed to do something immediately. I needed to take measures to prevent this type of attack from happening once again. This led me to look into security systems as well as burglar alarms.

On the web I learned about auto dialers. An auto dialer with safety alarm uses a passive infrared system that could identify movement inside an area of interest.

Whenever movement is determined a safety alarm is triggered and pre-programmed phone numbers get dialed one after another. This phone call will say a prerecorded message to tell the receiver that motion has been detected hence implying an intrusion into the protected spot.

I was pretty taken with the basic yet effective security given by this kind of alarming device. Because of this I purchased an auto dialer with security alarm from an internet based shop which I frequent.

Whenever its armed the motion sensors of my wall-mounted intruder alarm start straight into action. As soon as activity is discovered a 105-decibel alarm blares out. That is definitely as deafening as a pneumatic drill and certainly more than enough to scare the wits out of vandals as well as thieves.

If that doesnt discourage them then the dialing unit will have to get the job done. The moment the alarm gets triggered my mobile phone gets a notice alerting me of the intrusion. My automatic dialer may be programmed with as much as 5 telephone numbers and I have set the second one to contact the cops for faster response.

I definitely wish that the coffee shop never gets one more visit from these types of hooligans. However in case it does I totally trust that effective burglar alarms can put them in their place.


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