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The 3 Best Places In Your Home To Store Your Weapons

Most owners of guns and other weapons are responsible citizens who adhere to safety rules. Many gun owners, especially those with children, make a great deal of effort to find creative hiding places to store their firearms. Along with guns, butterfly knives are an effective defense weapon. Find butterfly knives here.


Weapons should be placed in a secure location that cannot easily be breached by a kid, an irresponsible person, or most of all, an intruder. The perfect hiding places are easy for the homeowner to reach but difficult for anyone else. Here are the three best places to store weapons in your home.


-In a safe

Wall safes are easy to hide. A painting or picture frame can be placed over them, effectively hiding the safe from burglars. At the same time, you just need to remember the safe’s location and access code. Safes are often used to store money and valuables such as jewelry. Firearms and other weapons are excellent devices to place in safes as well.


-In an A/C vent

Air conditioning vents and ducts can be an ideal and unexpected place to hide a weapon. These vents are typically placed high on a wall, away from where small children can access them. Use a screwdriver to remove the panel and place your weapon inside. In the event of an attack, you should be able to unscrew the panel again and access your weapon with little trouble. If you only have one weapon, using vents or ducts inside or close to your bedroom is a good idea for easy access at night. On the other hand, if you own several firearms, you could use multiple A/C vents to store them. That way, you are sure to be close to a weapon if an emergency occurs.


-In a dresser cabinet drawer

Most home invasion scenarios occur late at night, when obviously most people are sleeping. Having an easy way to access a weapon in the bedroom is important. Make sure to make the weapon as inconspicuous as possible and hide it under some clothes. Better yet, lock the drawer and keep the key nearby, perhaps in your pajama pocket or between the mattresses. This will prevent children from finding it and harming themselves.


With these hiding places, it’s easy to find a happy medium between safety and security. An effective storing spot will give you a fundamental advantage over any intruder.

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