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Personal Defense Suggestions From A Casino Worker

Being a casino dealer I work evenings. There is no problem at work but going there and back home can become a problem. I recall the very first time I worked within one of the larger casinos here in Washington I went home with a huge tip.

However I was robbed at knifepoint as I turned a corner in Buzzard Point where I used to rent an apartment. I did not know how to make a self-defense weapon so I purchased a little can of pepper spray.

However there were several occasions when I would neglect to carry it. I thought of obtaining a tinier kind on a key ring however I thought of my own big hands fumbling with the holster before I could get to make use of the spray.

I then discovered a kubotan on the web. It was a 6-inch stick manufactured from light metal that came in different colors. The end can either be pointy (however dull) or flat. I have the pointy tip so this seems rather like a thick pen.

This particular one likewise comes as a key chain so there goes my own dilemma about leaving it behind. I researched various ways of using it and they were amazingly simple enough. Now each time I carry it I keep pondering about the night I was robbed.

My black kubotan has around five keys. I could have slapped them back and forth at my attackers face to offer me room to move and then I could have attacked at any of his own pressure points.

I could have struck at the hand that was gripping me to let go as well as jab other delicate points on the face as well as neck. Or I could have made use of it as a sort of tight rolling pin to lock painfully the wrist of the hand holding the knife.

There are numerous what ifs within my mind but one thing is for sure. I am safer on the streets along with a kubotan. I do not even ought to know how to make a self defense weapon any longer. It is legal very discreet and effective.


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