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Utilizing Blowguns For Recreation And Also Protection Towards Possible Danger

I once went blowgun hunting together with my uncle and also cousin both outdoor lovers. They target birds however from time to time a rabbit or two makes for excellent practice also. I almost cringed the very first moment I saw a pigeon felled by my cousin Ben.

I pondered if blowguns would make good self-defense weapons. My two companions had not granted it a thought especially when I inquired precisely how harmful these were if humans got hit with the darts. Due to a blowguns length it was very useful for shooting targets at a distance.

Ben and Uncle Ted let me check their very own gear and said it was the kind made out of seamless T-6061 aircraft aluminum tubing. The .40 caliber blowgun got a range of 250 feet and the dart can enter plywood with a thickness of 1/4 inch.

We set up camp for the evening however were roused suddenly by scuffling noises drifting toward our tent. One man was running in the direction of our camp another was hot on his heels. The first one was obviously searching for cover to stay away from his pursuer which we witnessed had a bat.

The only place to cover was behind our own tent! And we all would be straight in harms way in the event the man with a baseball bat decided to swing at him. The blowgun I thought. I shouted at Ben to use it and aim for the leg. He looked at his dad that nodded.

Hands shaking Ben aimed and launched the dart catching the mans arm. The man dropped the bat in pain. We rushed in order to subdue the attacker and between us 4 were able to turn him over to enforcers. The puncture wasnt quite deep and first aid was applied.

My uncle and cousin slapped me on the back for my speedy thinking. They looked over the 24-inch blowgun which Ben still had with him a little impressed that it could be used for more than simply recreation.

I will never forget that blowgun hunting experience. And while still not at ease with owning one while unskilled I know that blowguns can be utilized for personal protection.


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