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Improvising Self Defense

A guest blogger has joined us today with a contribution on improvised household weapons.  Very cool article.

The 5 Best Improvised Household Weapons in the World

The Japanese martial art karate was developed in response to restrictions on access to weapons. Ever since that time, people have been looking for innovative ways to protect themselves without using traditional weapons. Improvised weapons can be a great way to defend yourself from potential threats, and the element of surprise can be especially strong with these weapons.

Here are the five best improvised weapons.
- Flashlight
Large, heavy flashlights are particularly effective at fending off attackers. While they can be used for defensive purposes, they are most effective at bashing. In addition to providing a source of light if the power goes off, heavy-duty flashlights are incredibly dangerous to would-be attackers, and an effective strike can end a battle instantly. Try to have one nearby.
- Backpack
Backpacks are not especially effective as offensive weapons unless they are filled with bowling balls or something equally heavy, but they are great for defending yourself. A backpack can be held with one hand and can be effective at fending off knife attacks. By using just one hand on the backpack, you can use your other hand to arm yourself with an effective weapon. A backpack filled with books might even be able to stop small-caliber bullets, but it is generally wise to avoid using a backpack in this manner if possible.

- Coins
While coins will not inflict much damage, they can serve as a means of distracting an attacker. If your goal is to get away from an attacker, thrown coins can be effective. If escape is not possible, you can also hold a handful of coins to make your punches more powerful. Adding even a fraction of a pound of weight to your fist can make a punch much more devastating.
- Heavy-duty umbrellas
Umbrellas have been used as a means of delivering poison in the past, but any heavy-duty umbrella can serve as a viable weapon. Some manufacturers provide umbrellas with sharp tips, which can be used as stabbing weapons. Heavy umbrellas can also be used to swing at attackers, making umbrellas particularly flexible in a self-defense scenario.
- Cups and glasses
If nothing else is available, cups and glasses can make for viable weapons. Even plastic cups can be enough to cause some damage, but glasses are particularly effective. A heavy stein or mug can knock an opponent out in one strike, and broken glass can be used to stab opponents. Glass bottles are classic weapons in bar fights, and they have been used to cause substantial damage in the past.

Author Bio
Hayley is a family therapist, author and blogger. To ensure the protection of your loved ones, visit today and purchase an ADT security system.

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